Executive Board and Staff

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The Limestone District Grenadiers Executive Board is separate and distinct from the Coaching Staff. While both components are essential to the operation and success of the Grenadiers Football Club, Directors do not exert any influence over the coaching staff or their decisions. If you are a parent or just love the game of football, we would welcome your involvement in our organization. If you would like further information please contact us.

Executives Board

  • President - Dave Wilkins
  • Vice President - Susan Brule
  • Executive Director - Alexandra Walsh
  • Treasurer - Brian Winton
  • Secretary - Lorri Parris
  • Game Day Operations - Jim Freake
  • Fundraising Director - Cindie Ashton


  • Senior Equipment Manager - Kent Walsh
  • Senior Varsity Governor - VACANT
  • Junior Varsity Governor - VACANT
  • Head Trainer - TBD
  • Statistician - VACANT