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National Registry - for all PLAYERS, COACHES & VOLUTEERS

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the 2017 NATIONAL REGISTRATION Button on the top of the web page.
  3. Select the correct form: Coach, Volunteer or Player, Complete the required fields.

If you are a returning player you will have an Access Code. If you require your access code, click on GET MY ACCESS CODE. 

Payment is required at time of registration. See below for a table of 2016 Registration Fees.
Confirmation Email – you will receive a confirmation email with your player ID number and access code for future reference.

You are required to provide us with your PLAYER ID number PRIOR to participating in any Grens activity.


  1. From our Home Page, click on the “Register Now “ banner:

You will be prompted to create an account.;

  • The person creating the account is the primary account holder
  • You can ONLY have 1 account per household (same last name and address)
  • You can have 2 login per account.

For ALL PLAYERS regardless of age - you can you can create your own account, and register to play. If you also have a parent that is volunteering as a Coach or Volunteers appearing on the rosters are Governors, Statisticians, Coaches and Equipment Managers, you will have to add them as an Adult to YOUR account so they can register.

The same applies vice versa, Parent Volunteer can sign up and add Player to their account as an Adult and then register to play.

The reason for this is that only adult registrants can input their own email and cell contact for texting. This account will allow you access to your team page and all its features. If you register your player as a child, You the parent, not the player will receive the emails/txt updated that are specific to player coaches. 

  1. Complete the Limestone District Grenadier Football Club Online Player Registration Form and get all the way to CHECK OUT and pay applicable fee:

The fee shown below are for the ENTIRE program. At check out, you will only be billed for the Tryout/Training camp portion. Once the teams are selected, the balance will automatically be invoiced.  If you are a SV in their last year of eligibility or have more than one player, please contact us for your discount code.

Bantam: Tryouts $125, Season Fees $250 // SV and JV: Tryouts $250, Season Fees $450

In addition all new player at the SV and JV division are required to purchase a Rep. Package at the cost of $250.

Payments can be made by credit card or select Pay by cheque/cash (you will have to pay in

** Please note that for Try-outs you will have to provide your own equipment. Please make arrangements with your High School Coach. If your school doesn’t not have a team or it is simply not possible. Please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements. An Equipment Deposit will be required.

  1. Complete forms

For Try-outs:

OPFL Season:

  • Baseline Concussion testing - within the last 2 years
  • Volunteer and Fundraising Commitment Form - download and complete by deadline
  • Equipment Deposit: Posted dated cheque in the amount of $500 dated July 15th 2017
  • Fundraising Commitment: Posted dated cheque of $150 dated June 15th 2017 
  • Volunteer Commitment: Posted dated cheque of $100 dated June 15th 2017

Incomplete documents will not be accepted. If you have any questions regarding the registration process or payment arrangements, please contact, as soon as possible.