2016 Awards Banquet Night

Updated Tuesday January 31, 2017 by Alexandra Walsh.

The Limestone Grenadiers Football Club hosted their annual Awards Banquet last night at the Italo-Canadian Club. The banquet paid tribute to the tremendous dedication and hard work of the student athletes, as well as the tremendous efforts of the coaches, support staff and many volunteers and supporters of Grenadiers Football.

A special presentation was given to Leo and Barb White in recognition their family’s 10 year involvement with the organization. Their commitment to the success of our program is one shared by all of our Grenadiers parents, and we can never thank our parents enough. Sentiments which were echoed by Senior Varsity head coach Mark Magee and the entire coaching staff, who also gave thanks to the people who put in time and resources to make the Grens the envy of the Eastern Ontario. The night ended with a heartfelt tribute from our graduating seniors to Coach Magee and the presentation of the senior’s new video that we will be sharing soon.

Although the year did not end as everyone hoped it would, 2016 was definitely a successfu onel. This new season will bring many changes – playing in a new league, a new home and welcoming back the bantam program. It is clear the Grenadiers are on the right track and that the extended family ready to put in an even greater effort in 2017.

Our 2016 Award receipts are:


  • Charlie Stymest – Junior Varsity
  • Dale Sands – Senior Varsity


  • Braden Hart - Rookie of the Year Award
  • Dallas Jackson - Unsung Hero Award
  • Spencer Riley - Offensive Player of the Year
  • Braden Clark - Defensive Player of the Year  
  • Joey Cantarutti - Outstanding Offensive Lineman
  • Doug Wood - Outstanding Defensive Lineman
  • Connor Rafferty - Outstanding Special Teams Award
  • Eric Labrie - Most Valuable Player Award


  • Grant LeGood - Rookie of the Year Award
  • Jack Wilson - Unsung Hero Award
  • Tanner DeJong - Offensive Player of the Year
  • Damon Fair - Defensive Player of the Year
  • Zach Pelehos - Outstanding Offensive Lineman
  • Hunter Dickerson - Outstanding Defensive Lineman
  • Phil MacLean - Outstanding Special Teams Award
  • Harry Robinson - Most Valuable Player Award


  • Maggie Veitch – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kent Walsh – Equipment Manager