Thank you

Updated Monday August 7, 2017 by Alexandra Reyes-Walsh.

When the lights went out after the OPFL Championship at Richardson Stadium yesterday, it officially concluded our 2017 season.
THANK YOU to all our parents and players volunteers for coming out and helping despite the rain. To David, Matt and Mike Richardson Memorial Stadium for making this event seamless. To our Grenadiers crew, you guys just rock in all ways! It can be easy to overlook all the people who help behind-the-scenes and it would surprise many of you the number of people it takes to run and support a comprehensive football program like that at Grenadiers.
As our season officially ends, a big show of respect and thanks to the student-athletes for their dedication, hard work, and the effort they put into this sport, the team, and their craft. Both teams worked hard to improve themselves and compete hard until the final whistle.
Thanks to all the coaches for their commitment, hard work, focus on players, leading practice, drills, film sessions, and offering wisdom, care and guidance both on and off the field. Thank you to the head coaches Mark Magee & Dale Sands for your organization, leadership and commitment.
We need a big Thank You to all the Parents for consistently standing behind our teams win or lose, being a support system for the true commitment it takes to play football, for volunteering in roles big or small, and for showing up to games to cheer on your players and the team with spirit.
And last, but not least, thank you to the numerous Grenadiers Volunteers, Queen’s coaches and staff and our sponsors, without whom, a quality Grenadiers Football program is not possible.

We look forward to get started on planning for the new season!

Alexandra Reyes-Walsh
We are #GrensNation